Raw oyster

   AIOI                   SAKOSHI             MATOYA             KONAGAI           URAMURA          KAKINOSUKE

   Hyogo,JPN          Hyogo,JPN            Mie,JPN               Nagasaki,JPN      Mie,JPN              Hyogo,JPN


 simple baked oyster            Baked oyster with juicy          Baked oyster in Rockefeller   Baked oyster with herb mixed

     1Pieces ¥390 (w/o tax)                   tomato sauce on top            1Pieces ¥440 (w/o tax)      bread crumbs on top

                                                    1Pieces ¥440 (w/o tax)                          1Pieces ¥440 (w/o tax)

 Baked oyster in creamy    “Raclette” baked oyster with  Baked oyster in Truffle

      sea urchin butter   melted raclette cheese on the top     hollandaise sauce

   1Pieces ¥650 (w/o tax)            1Peaces ¥490 (w/o tax)    1Peace ¥490 (w/o tax)


Deep fried oyster with             Oyster "Ajillo”, Oyster cooked   Our special smoked oyster      Oysters and vegetable quiche

breadcrumbs served with our        in a garlic oil served with                      ¥980 (w/o tax)                     ¥880 (w/o tax)

              favorite tartar sauce                  homemade focaccia

                     ¥900 (w/o tax)                     ¥1,300 (w/o tax)

Oyster with white sauce

              gratin on half shell

                ¥1,200 (w/o tax)